Celebrating Academic Excellence of GPI Student Ms. Shivani Mansharamani on winning the Elaine Maimon Award.
Feb 2017

Celebrating Academic Excellence of GPI Student Ms. Shivani Mansharamani on winning the Elaine Maimon Award. The Maimon Award recognizes the superior achievement in writing. This prize expresses Arcadia University's belief that writing proficiency is one mark of a liberal education.


In honor of Dr. Elaine Maimon, who served Arcadia University as Professor of English and Theater Arts, Director of Freshman English, and founder of the nationally renowned Writing Across the Curriculum Program, the English Department and the First-Year Writing Program award annually the Maimon Prize for Excellence in Writing produced in the first-year of college.

Purpose of the Award: The Maimon Award recognizes the superior achievement in writing of a first-year student. Beginning in the first-year with Thought and Expression and with other introductory courses, Arcadia University establishes the standard of learning through writing. This prize expresses the University's belief that writing proficiency is one mark of a liberal education.

Description of the Award: The winner of the Maimon Award receives (1) recognition from Arcadia University at the Honors Convocation; (2) a gift from the Writing Program and the Department of English, and (3) a cash prize. In addition, this writer's work will be exhibited as an example of outstanding first-year writing. Essays by the award winner and other finalists will be eligible for inclusion in the Landman Library Digital Repository (ScholarWorks at Arcadia).

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Academic Advising

Academic advisers can help with your academic questions and concerns. They can help you choose a major, guide you in fulfilling the course requirements towards that major, and suggest resources if you are struggling.

Before declaring a major, you will work with an academic adviser who can explain requirements and procedures and help you plan for your major. Once you have declared a major, the faculty and adviser will prepare your program of classes as well as guide you in the application process applying to a US University.

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Any student who has completed the equivalent of his/her A-LEVELS / IBDP / CBSE / ISC / HSC or XII Grade and has met the minimum entry criteria is eligible for Global Pathways Institute's Global Pathway Program.

  • Completion of XII grade (IBDP / A-LEVELS / ISC / CBSE / HSC)
  • 70% or higher required for entry – applies to XII grade from HSC / ISC / CBSE
  • IB : 3HL & 3SL with predicted scores of 26 or above
  • A levels : A minimum of grades C, C, C in 3 Advanced level subjects
  • SAT or ACT is not required for admission to GPI (Arcadia does not require SAT) Applicants are encouraged to take SAT for additional academic opportunity

Click here for GPI Arcadia Admission Policy for IB & A Level Students

Documents Required

  • Completed Application Form. Download our Application Form
  • For students who graduate from state boards: An original or certified true copy of the secondary school record. The academic report should include a list of subjects studied, a qualitative rating on a course-by-course basis, and an overall indication of graduation, or projected graduation date.
  • Official copies or certified copies of exam results.
  • SAT and ACT scores are not mandatory, but recommended.

Additional factors we consider are as follows:

  • A thoughtful and well-written essay (250/300 words)
  • Special talent
  • Educational goals
  • Community service and leadership

Students can select an area of specialisation from any of our list of collaborative universities based on his/her interest and aptitude. You will have the opportunity to explore the range of academic disciplines each university offers.

1. What specific course choices are offered by GPI?
The courses offered at GPI give students the foundation to apply to a wide selection of US universities.

2. What are the infrastructure / facilities being provided by GPI?
We have a fully functional campus with all modern amenities. We provide state-of-the-art classrooms, a science lab, art studio, a cafeteria, a library, and a student lounge.

3. Will it be easy to apply to another US university?
The credits earned after completing coursework at GPI will provide students with a transcript that can be used for completing your studies at Arcadia University’s main campus in the US or for applying to any other US university that accepts these credits. GPI is in the process of signing articulation agreements that will make it even easier to apply to universities in US

4. Will I need to take the SAT / ACT after completion in GPI to get into a US university?
Most US universities do not require a SAT/ACT score for students who are not applying as freshmen.

5. What about the requirement of TOEFL / IELTS?
Students passing from Central / State Boards like H.Sc., I.S.C., or C.B.S.E. need a TOEFL score of 80+ or 6 in IELTS. However, IB/A levels do not require submission of a TOEFL / IELTS score.

6. What is your faculty strength?
50 percent of the faculty are from the US and 50 percent are from India with foreign education and/or college teaching experience.

7. What is the student / faculty ratio?

8. Do GPI students have the opportunity to participate in the quality study abroad program for which Arcadia University is known?
As with all Arcadia students, GPI students must have the approval of their academic adviser and meet the requirements of the desired study abroad program. Each program has a cost depending on the country and institution you choose.





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